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My Media

My book: I have always been interested in tennis history. Coming to Leicester I discovered some memories of George Hillyard - one of the most important figures in tennis history, who lived a fascinating life, and had mostly been forgotten. I also uncovered some unique photos from the early days of tennis. The memories, and the photos, came together in my book “George Hillyard - The Man who moved Wimbledon

The book is well researched, has good reviews and a large amount of Press Coverage, locally and nationally. Ultimately it is a reasonably specialist book - you should have some interest in tennis, and enjoy history. But if you do, then it is certainly worth a read. Please go to my page on this site to see more about George Hillyard - The Man who moved Wimbledon. The photos in the book are unique and spectacular!

George Hillyard

My Videos: I made some videos about the LTA Mini Tennis Structure and had a superb response from British Coaches. I then had an equally good response from American Coaches! At the time I had 120 feedback emails from coaches with only 6 negative. Given that my videos were making criticisms of Official policy then this was quite an interesting statistic. Even 50% would have seemed surprising. In most industries the product is shaped to fit those who supply and consume it. The response of coaches seemed to show that in tennis sometimes decisions are top-down.

In total the videos have had over 30 000 views, which is quite a lot for such a niche subject. I hope this is partly because they are FUNNY. Please have a look and see what you think, even if you don’t agree with them. The 1st one has over 10 thousand views - just watch for one minute! The 2nd is about the state of girls tennis, caused by the Mini Tennis Competition structure. I have some cute helpers - just watch for 30 seconds! All my videos are here to watch.

My Tribute: Huw Wauchope. Huw was a legend when still alive.

A good friend. An amazing character. Huw can be found here.

Learn Tennis Love Tennis        Learn Tennis Love Tennis        Learn Tennis Love Tennis

My Story: The Chess Player. This was a short story I had published in the Ukrainian Observer some years ago when I was travelling. It takes a few minutes to read and has a gentle twist in the tail. Reading it back now, well it was ok! You can read it here.